Since the Nippon Challenge Race at Lydden Hill, TLM and Abbey Motorsport have gone back to the drawing board. Due to treaded tyres being in short supply and prices rising the only logical step was to advance the car… that makes sense right? 🙂

The decision was made to move onto Dunlop Racing Slicks. With any car, changing from road tyres to slicks will give a significant performance boost, however it does come at a cost. In order to effectively use the slick tyres we also needed:

  • New larger oil sump
  • Modified oil filter
  • New wheels
  • New wheel bearings
  • New suspension
  • Dual fuel pumps
  • Camber arms
  • And finally get the dash working! 😉

This is basically to cope with the increased forces applied to the car when on slicks and make the most out of the available grip with the added benefit to see where I c**k up whilst going around.

Abbey Motorsport completed all the necessary modifications and we went to Brands Hatch for the first shake down. The first thing we noticed was the greater need for heat in the tyres but once the heat was in the tyres (55-65 deg. of it) the grip was phenominal.

Due to an unfortunate problem with part of the suspension we had to call it an early day but the testing gave us some good figures and resulted in a positive step forward.

Huge Thanks to Abbey Motorsport for going the extra mile and our other sponsors:

Some cold carbon

And so much grip now it can handle 90deg increase in gradient and without moving still be ok!