TLM’s focus this year is on developing the car and bringing laptimes down! We made a great start to the season with a test day at Brands Hatch.

We were greeted with sun and blue sky and a nice hot, clear track. We set about unloading the car and signing on at a leisurely pace – all was going great…until…disaster struck, well almost. We were doing some final checks before session one and discovered the sump plug was leaking. Further investigation showed it had to be replaced.

Fortunately, Abbey Motorsport’s premises aren’t far from Brands Hatch so Mark B jumped in his 350z and raced back to collect a replacement. An hour later, we were all set and ready for session one.

After finding the limits of grip for the car and circuit and a minor excursion due to traffic, we were posting some good lap times at 54.5 seconds a lap.

However, Steve reported the front end of the car felt like it was rolling over the suspension a little. Mark from Abbey Motorsport jumped in the driver’s seat and confirmed this suspicion. In the lunch break, the two Marks worked hard to switch out the front springs for stiffer ones in record time – great teamwork!

As soon as Steve drove out of the pits and turned into Paddock Hill Bend, it was instantly an improvement. We posted a new personal best at 53.1 with traffic including overtaking Lewis Hamilton’s brother, Nick, in a Cliocup Car. An excellent day, well organised by MSV and Brandshatch.

Thanks as usual go to Abbey Motorsport for their continued and fantastic support.