So TLM with Abbey Motorsport and Debbie&Andrew’s are champions!! A pleasant surprise to say the least! Going into this season was only ever about progressing the car. It was with great fortune that both Abbey Motorsport and Debbie&Andrew’s sponsored us and we were able to develop the car and the team!

Having only completed 4 rounds with a possible 6 up for grabs it has been very exciting to push the car to new limits with the new suspension components with slicks and race wets. The grip the car can generate when setup correctly is staggering. So much so that the ABS had to be turned off as the sensors couldn’t cope with the G-Force the car generated.

The last round was at Brands Hatch which is our ‘home’ track. It is also, however, a track we have had some consistent braking issues at going into Druids. We were keen to work this out but felt that a test day would prove better than a race weekend and with other commitments we decided not to enter the last round.

This did, of course, lead to some nail biting moments where a possible three different teams could have won the championship – us included! Fortunately the other teams didn’t finish high enough up the table and that meant TLM took the championship home.

Looking forward

A new Bosch ABS system has been ordered – Abbey Motorsport will be fitting and configuring it. The advantage of this system is that it is capable of independently modulating pressure to each one of the wheels without necessarily straightening the car up if you don’t want to! In the dry, the car doesn’t need the ABS but in the wet and against fully fledged GT cars, it is quite difficult in the braking zones not to lose time.

Abbey Motorsport have also acquired the necessary parts in order to rebuild the engine of the 350z, this should allow us to make a little more grunt, which out of some of the slower corners will be a God send. We have had a few moments where we have fought hard for a position around a number of corners only for it to be taken away in a straight line again as soon as we run out of steam.

As the current champions we are hoping to defend our title and push things forward. TLM are still very much focussed on racing and progressing the development of both the car and drivers.

Special Thanks to:

Abbey Motorsport

Debbie & Andrew’s