After racing for a number of teams in various iRacing Championships, at Monza, we rolled out under the Team Lizard Motorsport flag…and boy did it feel good!

Although unavailable for this race, we are excited to welcome a new driver to the team – Tom Jacobs! We look forward to him joining the next race: Le Mans.

Getting settled…or not…

The Porsche didn’t feel great to begin with and a mistake in qualifying saw Steve going out of the pits with the tyres at 20 PSI – usually at 16.5 PSI for qualifying.

This led to a poor session that saw Steve at the wrong place at the wrong time so getting a clean lap was tricky. We ended up qualifying 44th…could have been worse considering the mix up but definitely not where we were aiming to be.

Race 1…getting better

Back in the pits and just time for a quick change of tyre pressure and for Steve to have a stern word with himself.

Overall, Steve managed to keep a fairly clean nose and gained 25 positions! A great result of 19th overall and a podium in the AM Championship. Feeling good!

Race 2…scrappy but with results

We decided to make some more camber changes to the car before race 2 and Steve could really feel the difference.

It was a scrappy race; Steve came together with Adam Hedgecock through turn 1 and picked up quite a bit of damage elsewhere.

Still, we managed to finish a strong 20th overall after overtaking 5 cars on *the last lap*.

However, the car didn’t resemble a Porsche anymore and gave the virtual pit crew a lot of work in preparation for race 3.

Race 3…now the magic begins

The random reverse grid promoted Steve to pole position…on our debut outing…he lined up with his heart in his mouth. There were so many corners to get round while holding on to this coveted position.

Dropping the clutch just at the right moment, an intense race began.

There were some great battles! Steve and Jeroen Kaizer were trading places all the way to the end.

Steve brought the Porsche home in a shocking 4th position overall and an amazing AM Championship win!!!

Not too shabby for our debut race – the standard has been set, Mr Burke!

Watch the full race on the iRacing eSports Network on YouTube.