Format: 3 x 20min Sprint Races

Fuel: Any% (15.4 G)


Steve on the outside round turn 1

Team Lizard Motorsport are delighted to announce some new team members: Matt ‘the better’ Draycott & Niall ‘Allo Met’ Crowther. Both new team members are fairly new to the iRacing platform although not new to sim racing in general. We have joined forces to launch an assault on the Am Team championship this year in the WGTC. Steve will be building and sharing setups and helping with telemetry as well as racing.

We decided to all use the Mercedes GT3 in order to make the setups consistent across the team and to aid helping each other. Although we tested the Ferrari we decided the Mercedes felt a little more stable and therefore friendly.

So…how did we all get on?

Steve’s story

After putting in some serious practice, I felt like Catalunya could be ok for the Mercedes, it struggles with the curbs but feels great through the faster corners. Having qualified 28th I felt fairly confident even though there were 60 cars piling into turn 1!

Race 1 & 2 I was able to get a class win and come away with great overall positions. Unfortunately, an unintentional contact with another car in Race 3 basically wrote the car off and I finished 2 laps down at the back. Onwards to Bathurst!

Matt committed through the last chicane

News from Niall

I was pretty confident heading into the 3 races but soon realised how quick everyone else on the grid was! There was really good racing all over apart from a few mishaps and a few minor mistakes that cost me places. I had a big spin in race 3 caused by another driver but that’s to be expected when there are so many other racers on the track.

The Mercedes GT3 was very slippy and I found it hard to find grip as the races progressed. Overall, I was pleased I didn’t embarrass myself and I’m looking forward to Bathurst. It’s not a track I’ve done much racing on but will be interesting seeing 60 cars trying to find space!

A message from Matt

After a disappointing first 3 races on the recent media day, I was determined to do better.

However, I dislike Barcelona because it is just so hot – the cars turn into drift cars after a few laps! I had a few accidents over the three races. The first race was just a pile up into the hairpin and I got squished into another car, which gave me massive straight line speed disadvantage.

I am looking forward to Bathurst because I have done some fairly decent practice laps around there. Let’s just hope for a better result!