Format: 1 Hr 45 Min

Pitstops: 2 Mandatory

Fuel: Max 70%


TLM were looking forward to this event as we all love a good endurance race, however, this track does not take prisoners.

Steve was excluded from qualifying due to the contact from the last round so would have a mountain to climb both physically and through the field.

Niall had decided Bathurst was an ideal place to start using VR…and Matt couldn’t wait!

Steve’s story

Obviously I was a little nervous, the mountain is notoriously hard to navigate without having another 59 cars around you. I was quite worried about the track being closed off as it is the sort of place if someone spins it can block the track.

Starting at the back sort of took a bit of pressure off but also meant I needed to have my eyes peeled. Coming out turn 18 on lap 1, I had to take to the grass to avoid a crash. However, I made up 17 places fairly quickly and got into a good rhythm.

Pit stop 1 was done at low fuel and the car felt quite loose Pit stop 2, I decided to do early to cut the middle stint down. This seemed to work well and after grazing the wall once, slightly, we eventually came home in 23rd and 2nd in class…RESULT!

A message from Matt

I’m really pleased with how the first endurance race of the season went!

Qualifying didn’t go to plan though as I binned it on my first fast lap so I had to reset to pits. But I started 55th and finished 36th, which was mainly just by keeping it clean and by being careful! I knew I could have pushed the car around 2 seconds faster a lap but I wanted to make sure I finished! I also didn’t have any incident points so I was over the moon with getting an extra 15 points! Looking forward to next week now by doing some serious practice!

News from Niall

Bit of an embarrassing start for me, first lap was clean racing by everyone, which I was surprised by… However when I came to lap two, I looked in the mirror for a split second and turned too early. I hit the inside wall heading up the mountain, which then sent me across into the outside wall and put me on my roof!

Having gone back to the pits to repair, I came back out on track and just couldn’t find a rhythm. I kept getting in the way of other people fighting for position. I just felt like I was getting in the way so I just parked the car up and called it a day.

Outstanding racing by both team mates, Matty and Steve did really well. Matt having a clean race fighting his way through the pack and Steve coming 2nd in class, they did great, all I can say is more practice needed and look onward to next week!

Current standing after Round 2 in Am championship

Steve: 5th
Matt: 8th
Niall: 15th