Niall on two wheels

Format: 3 x 20 min Sprint Races

Fuel: Any% (13.6G)


Going into this round TLM were looking good! After a semi decent result in round 2, everything was starting to click.

Unfortunately, due to technical issues Matt ‘the better’ Draycott’s PC was out of action, meaning he had to sit this round out.

Steve’s story

Having cricked my neck over the weekend and unable to look right, I was a little unsure what to expect from this track…although I was hoping all overtaking would be done on the left of me. Haha!

Practice: I was quite off the pace but some changes to the rear wing resolved that and I qualified 30th.

Race 1: I was fortunate to avoid a couple of incidents and found myself leading the AM category in 22nd position. Bad luck, however, hadn’t finished with me and on the last lap my PC turned off and I disappeared from this plane of existence. That left me classified as 45th (last in class…).

Race 2: I managed to get back up to 26th after some great scraps and clinched 3rd in class on the last lap!

Race 3: This one was really nerve wracking because the reverse grid meant I was starting 4th with a rival AM just in front of me in 2nd. I was hell bent on getting past my rival early and trying to stick with the leading pack. After some stout defending I managed to bring the car in 4th overall behind 3 pros! Very pleased with the result!

News from Niall

Race 1 went ok, I got quite a bit of practice in to get used to the track and the unforgiving kerbs. I had a few questionable moves made against me but racing with so many other cars around makes it tight for space.

Race 2 was a bit of a let down. I made silly mistakes and then got tapped from behind, which gave me a stop go penalty. I came back out in the mix of the lead pack so just backed off to let them all pass.

Overall, the car just felt slippy. I tried different setups and just couldn’t find the right balance…onwards to Brazil!!

Standing in Championship

Steve: 2nd (up three places)

Matt: 10th (down two places)

Niall: 16th (down one place)