Team Lizard Motorsport (TLM) was set up as a grass roots race team by Steve & Rosie. With almost no budget and only a forum or two for support, we set out on a mission to make a race-ready car and realise a long-held dream.

Getting started

Progress was slow and expensive to begin with and took a long time and lots of late nights to get the car ready. Initially, we made a good contact in RJN and Bob and Liz Neville who ran a very successful, worldwide Nissan Race team. Bob gave us advice and some parts to help us on our journey.

Passing the infamous ARDS test we decided to enter the Nippon Challenge. Our first race was at Mallory Park…to which we had to actually drive the car there! At this point, we could only dream of such luxuries like a trailer! We had a few forum people supporting us and little fire extinguishers at the ready. We qualified quite far down and the focus was on caution and restrain…mostly probably over-thinking everything! However, when the lights went out and the adrenaline kicked in, all hell broke loose and we knew we made the right decision.

We came home with two trophies that day! One for driver of the day! *Proud*

Growing up

We continued to support the forums and tried to pass on knowledge but we were finding that we were running out of talent. Moving further up the grid was proving difficult as we stagnated.

We’d made contact with the legend that is Mark at Abbey Motorsport. He was keen to know more and the day he came to watch us race it was raining at Brands Hatch…and then raining some more!

Fortunately, Steve loves racing in the wet and Mark saw potential. We soon hit it off and Abbey Motorsport’s support and experience has been invaluable.

We quickly saw a rise in grid spots and consistency and Abbey Motorsport’s experience in data logging, suspension and driving advice was perfect.

Getting serious!

We soon entered into mini-endurance events and started competing in the very top class of over 1 hour sessions. After a number of 2nd and 3rd place trophies in various series, 2016 saw us win the Britcar Production championship! 

The last few years have been focused on car development and we’re now ready to come back to the circuits!